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Windows IoT/Embedded

Windows IoT/Embedded is a family of Microsoft operating systems designed for use on fixed-purpose computing devices that are not general-purpose office or home PCs. It has a reduced cost and convenient licensing for manufacturers.

We will be able to find a suitable solution for you!

We will be able to find a suitable solution for you!

Windows Embedded

A designer operating system that does not have a ready-made distribution kit. You control the development from start to finish: you include only the necessary components in the image and optimize the OS for maximum performance of your device.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Special version of the operating system Windows 10 Enterprise, offered by Microsoft for use on fixed-purpose devices.

Windows 11 IoT Enterprise

Windows 11 IoT Enterprise is designed to support the modern hybrid work environment and is designed to be the most reliable, secure, connected and productive Windows operating system ever.

Windows Server IoT

The peculiarity of IoT server licenses is that while they are completely technically identical to “regular” server products, they have a number of unique licensing advantages that meet the needs of manufacturers of specialized server solutions.

Microsoft SQL Server IoT

Release Microsoft SQL Server IoT 2022 can be installed on Windows or Linux. It is a universal platform that allows you to freely choose development languages, data types, local, cloud environments and operating systems.

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